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1. Aperture Modification

The Holga was intended to have a two aperture settings. But the unmodified Holga has only one true aperture which is the smaller aperture(f/?) that is fixed to the lens.

The swing arm activated by the sunny/cloudy switch has a larger, rectangular aperture (f/?) which is useless because the smaller one is fixed.

My Holgas have been modified to give two usable apertures
Now Approx f8 and f11

2. Close Focusing

This modification allows the Holga to focus as close as 2 Feet.

I removed the old stop from inside the lens barrel. And a new stop was fashioned inside the lens to allow for a closer focusing range.

3. 6x6 Format

I believe the 6x6 format is what gives the Holga it's character.

Quite a few people remove the 6x4.5 insert. Of course this is fine is you want the sharp edges that are left behind scratching your film or the film being under less tension making for loosely wound spools, plus the film plane is shifted slightly forward, throwing things out focus even for a Holga.

I've modified the stock 6x4.5 mask so you will be able to shoot 6x6 format.
and not be concerned with the above problems I have mentioned. Each mask is slightly different as they are all done by hand. I take the time and effort to make sure that it is typical of everything else on a holga........... Not Perfect.

4. Interior Flocking (Optional Free Modification)

The interior of the camera will be painted flat black if you choose to keep stray light that may enter the camera from reflecting off the shiny black plastic surfaces. This will also help increase contrast of the image. You must state at the time of your order if you want your camera flocked. 

Everything above comes standard, everything below is an option.

5. Tripod Mount (Add $3.00)
For those times when you need to build on exposure time

6. The Time Exposure / Bulb Holga! (Add $10.00)

Now you can have a Time Exposure Holga without destroying the capability to go back to a regular Holga.  Just push the push rod in and you'll be able to keep your shutter open as long as you hold your shutter release.  Pull the push rod out and you'll be able to go back to the Holgas 1/100 sec shutter speed. And you'll still be able to use a flash while in the regular 1/100 sec mode.

7. Cable Release Holga  (Add $13.50)

Now, add a cable release to your Bulb Holga.
Locking cable release included

8. Colored Holga  (Add $10.00)

Color choices: Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Teal & Red

Unless you specify a color when ordering, you'll receive a black Holga

Because everyone's monitor is slightly different, the colors depicted here, may not be exactly what you receive.

Every Holga is tested  before shipping to assure everything works as it should.    The shutter is cycled and a flash is attached to the hot shoe and fired to make sure it works properly. I do nothing to my Holgas to either increase or decrease light leakage. It's a Holga! It's bound to leak light!

Holga Kit includes:
 Modified Holga, lens cap,  Downloadable 5 page instruction manual.