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Availability is limited by my ability to acquire the necessary parts to modify the Holga with a waist level view finder.

Check with me before placing your order.
Price will be $64.95 plus S/ H.


Payment must be received within 10 days of order, or I'll have to consider the order cancelled, and the parts reserved to make your SWL will be released to another cutsomer.

Price includes waist level viewfinder, 2 apertures, close focusing modification, 6x6 mask and interior flocking.  Additional mods such as tripod mount, bulb/time exposure mod, cable release and colors will  be priced as follows:

Tripod mount: $3.00
Bulb/Time Exposure: $10.00
Cable release: $13.50
Colored Holga: $10.00

The waist level view finder modification takes a little longer to make. If I have the necessary parts and have accepted your order, please allow at least 7 days after receipt of payment before shipment.

Also, parts come from cameras between 50 and 75 years old, so expect to see some fine scratches on the glass which are not visible while holding the camera at waist level.

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