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Q: What is the small "bulb" shaped object on the viewfinder side near the lens?
                                                                                              -= Sally Nietering =-

A: The small bulb shaped object is my Bulb Modification.
     with it pulled out, you are using the Holgas 1/100 sec shutter
     speed.  With it pushed in, you are now keeping the shutter
     open as long as you hold the shutter button down, either with
      your finger or the locking cable release.

Q: How many turns on the film advance knob does it take to get to the next frame?
-= Sally Nietering =-

A: The red window on the back of the camera will allow you to see how many turns of the film
     advance knob is necessary to move the film to the next frame.  There are no set number of
     turns. Each manufacturer has it's own markings printed on the paper backing of the film. So
     approach the next frame slowly until you know the markings of your favorite films.

Q: Can I shoot 35mm Film in your Modified Holga?                                                 

A: Yes !  Any Holga is capable of shooting 35mm FIlm
   . without special adapters or masks.

Just find some soft foam to hold the 35mm can in place from side to side, then another thin piece on top before placing the back cover on. Advance the film 34 clicks of the take up knob and after every frame, another 34 clicks.  Film must be wound back into the 35mm can manually after your last frame has been taken.

Q: I am thinking of buying one of your modified Holgas. I'm wondering if you do the
    mods to the model that comes with the Flash built in.

A: Sorry, I don't carry the 120SF (flash version) In my opinion the flash is too close to the
     lens producing severe red eye when photographing portraits with the Holga using color
     films.Plus the SF version can't be modified to take the 6x6 negatives as the mask that
     needs to be modified holds the batteries in place.

Q: Then how about the Glass lens WOCA?

A: Again, Sorry but I only carry the cheaper
    120S with the plastic lens. I guess I'm kind of
    a Holga purist and believe the Holga should
    have a plastic lens and an external flash.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

Q: Any chance of 5.6 and 8 for apatures?

A: the Holga apretures I provide are approx f8
and f11 but can get you close to f5.6 and
    f8 if you desire and make a special reques
    on my
order page.

A: Sorry, just money orders or bank cashiers checks.... I used to accept personal checks
    but the few ruined it for the many long ago when I was sent quite a few rubber checks.  I used to
    try holding the checks until they cleared, but that made for quite a nightmare.  With the amount
    of orders I receive, it's just too hard to keep checking to see which checks have cleared.

Q: Can I send you my Holga to modify?

A: Yes you may.  I will modify any Holga sent to me for $19.00 plus shipping which includes 2
     apertures, close focusing, interior flocking and a 6x6 mask. The following are extras
     Tripod mount  $3.00
     Bulb/time exposure $10.00
     Cable release  $12.50
     Colored Holga  $10.00
     Velcro             $2.00
     Wide Angle lens $79.95 (
I no Longer offer the wide angle lens)
Please note:
As stated above, the SF versions can't be modified to take the 6x6 negatives as the mask that needs to be modified holds the batteries in place.

Q: Do I need special adapters for panoramas in my Holga?

A. You do not need anything other than a couple of pieces of tape if using 120 film, or a few
    pieces of foam if you plan on using
35mm film for some great sprocket hole photography.
    Or just crop at the enlarger or in Photoshop

Q: Do you make Pinholes for cameras other
     than your PinHolgas?

A. Yes I make pinhole body caps for Hasselblad and others,
    Just send me your body cap to modify.

Q: I've been looking on the net for some specific info about Holgas without much success.
    Since you guys seem to be the authority on the subject I figured I'd ask you.  I'm trying
    to figure out if the holga lens is just a simple meniscus or something else
                                                                                                                     -= Juan =-

A. Nothing much to do today, so I thought I'd cut a Holga lens in half for you.....Not "us guys"
    here. Just me......  Randy.....   Hope the above cross section answers your question...